Middle School Learners in Madhya Pradesh

In the rural areas of Madhya Pradesh, the average literacy rate is approximately 64.11% as against the district literacy rate of 80.37% in Bhopal. Moreover, there is a massive gap between the literacy rates of men and women being approximately 23.35% as against the district rate of approximately 10.55% (Source: Census of India 2011, Madhya Pradesh Village and Town Directory)

The IndiGoReach Middle School Learners’ initiative focusses on the village schools in remote locations of Betul district, Madhya Pradesh which is attended mostly by children of the local tribes (about 76.5%) (Source : India – State Education Report – Madhya Pradesh, by Centre for Education innovations)

This initiative entails a comprehensive program for about 6000 students in 35 rural Government schools of Bhopal (25 schools) and Betul districts (10 schools) of Madhya Pradesh.

The primary focus of the initiative:

  •  Ensuring quality education of children ranging in classes 3 to 8.
  •  Training and capacity building of around 250 teachers.
  •  Improving reading and writing skills of the students while enhancing their performance in academic subjects.
  •  Improving the classroom atmosphere, which in turn would increase the attendance of students who are at a risk of   dropping out.
  •  Building social awareness on gender and health issues along with environmental sensitivity among students of classes 9 and 10.
  •  Providing career counselling and guidance to the students.
  •  Creating collaborative and constructive community engagement resulting in better parent-teacher relationship.

Multiple events such as summer camps, holiday camps, and other initiatives promoting the involvement of the community in the school are also organised as a part of this initiative. This initiative will benefit not only the village but also the society at large, leading to active engagement of about 700 parents and community representatives.

Few glimpses of this initiative

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