The Upcycling Project

Retired upholstery from aircraft interiors generally ends up in landfills. As an effort to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfills, our upcycling initiative aims at transforming discarded seat covers, old carpets and employee uniform to innovative products such as bags, pouches, folders or items that can be sold in the local market.

The uniforms are picked up from the collection boxes placed at our airports and offices.

With this initiative, we are not only helping the environment but also creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for our communities by empowering rural women. The initiative engages Self Help Groups (SHG) of local women artisans and Community Based Organisations (CBO) that work at a local level to market these products.

The upcycling project targets 2600 artisans directly as well as 10,000 street vendors who buy and showcase the end products across regions of Delhi and Patna.

Few glimpses of this initiative

1500 Daily flights
63 Domestic Destinations
24 International Destinations
300+ Million happy customers
250+ Fleet tall