Perishable – Get fresh with us

Send fruits and vegetables, fish seed, biological samples and other delicate cargo anywhere safely with our cargo services, and we make sure they’re delivered fresh.

Terms and conditions:

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) defines a shipment as perishable if its contents deteriorate over a given period when exposed to harsh environmental conditions, such as excessive temperature or humidity. Examples of perishable shipments include seafood, dairy, plants, meat, fruits and vegetables, fish seed (or shrimps) and live tropical fish.

IndiGo does not accept any perishable cargo which needs temperature maintenance while on board, while IndiGo can accept a temperature-sensitive shipment in case packing of shipment can sustain the temperature requirement of its contents.

Categories which are accepted in IndiGo

  • Fresh flowers, dry flowers, cut flowers, orchids
  • Fruits (Fresh and dry)
  • Frozen meat and fish
  • Liquid spices
  • Fish seed and shrimps
  • Dairy products                    
  • Pharmaceuticals supplies (excluding shipment requiring external temperature control)
  • Hatching eggs
  • Newspapers
  • Mud Crabs
  • Dry Herbs

What all required for booking:

  1. Duly filled Instruction for Dispatch of Goods (Available at the carGo counter)
  2. Indemnity letter for perishables
  3. Legible marking and labelling to be done on the packages (by the shipper)
  4. “Perishable stickers” are mandatory (ask for the same at the carGo counter)
  5. “This side up” sticker is a must for shipments having wet content (ask for the sticker in the counter at the time of booking)
  6. Security declaration form (available at the carGo counter)
  7. Government Photo ID proof of the shipper (except PAN Card)

Things to note:

  1. Weight per box of shipment of frozen meat/fish must not exceed 25 kg
  2. Please provide sanitation and hygienic certificate at the time of booking frozen meat
  3. Watertight container to be used in case of wet/liquid content
  4. The packaging of the perishables should be as per company guideline (Please get in touch with the representative at the carGo counter for packing details)