Small shipments and Freight Attached Consignments – Small things matter

Share paper and small items safely and quickly with our freight attached consignment service.

These shipments require extra care due to their size. At IndiGo, we ensure they travel safely. We put them inside a designated CarGo Document Bag and seal the same.

Products falling under this category (this is not exhaustive)

  1. Passports
  2. Tender documents
  3. Personal letters

What all required for booking:

  1. Duly filled Instruction for Dispatch of Goods (Available at the carGo counter)
  2. Legible marking and labelling to be done on the packages (by the shipper)
  3. Security declaration form (available in the carGo counter)
  4. Manifest of the material is declared under a generic heading (like personal effects, household goods, etc)
  5. Non-dangerous goods declaration