Vulnerable CarGo

Any CarGo with a declared value of USD500 and above per kg (but under USD1000) except live animals, perishable CarGo and human remains. This includes (but not restricted to):

  1. Cameras/paintings/antiques/laptops
  2. Watches or watch movements
  3. Electronic goods such as IC's/Computers/motherboard/cell- phones/computers, etc
  4. Semi- precious stones
  5. Mobile Phones

Documents required for transportation of vulnerable cargo

  1. Duly filled Instruction for Dispatch of Goods (Available at the CarGo counter)
  2. Legible marking and labelling to be done on the packages (by the shipper)
  3. Security declaration form (available in the carGo counter)
  4. Manifest of the material if declared under a generic heading (like personal effects, household goods, etc)
  5. Nondangerous goods declaration
  6. Government Photo ID proof of the shipper (except PAN Card)