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Human Remains

Terms and conditions:

Carriage of Human Remains (mortal remains) by Indian carriers is governed by the Aircraft (Public Health) Rules, 1954 which states:

No person shall bring into India any dead body or human remains of persons who may have died of yellow fever, plague, anthrax, ganders or such other diseases as may be notified by the Central Government for this purpose. If a body is properly cremated, then ashes should be placed in an urn or casket having an outer packing of suitable material. This can be then brought to India.

Things to remember:

  1. We carry human remains for both domestic and International sector
  2. For domestic transport, mortal remains of persons with 10 years or less are charged on 50 kg whereas above 10 years is charged on 100 kg (including coffin)
  3. The maximum acceptable weight of Human Remains (including Coffin) in the international sector is 200 kg. Actual weight is taken if the human remains exceed 100 kg
  4. Dead bodies are only accepted for carriage in coffins that are not used before for burial purpose

Documents required for Domestic transfer of Human Remains:

  1. Death certificate from a recognised hospital (Post-mortem receipt in case of unnatural death)
  2. No Objection Certificate from the local police station
  3. ID proof of the deceased person
  4. Embalming certificate
  5. Coffin maker certificate or undertaker certificate. (Form available at the IndiGo CarGo counter)
  6. Non- Covid death’ certificate.

Documents required for International transfer of Human Remains:

  1. Confirmed ticket (if the passenger is accompanying) / approval from the destination (if unaccompanied)
  2. All the medical, health, administrative and legal requirements of the regulations in force in the State of destination relating to the transfer of human remains and, where appropriate, burial and exhumation should be complied with
  3. Human remains should be embalmed from the competent authority
  4. Clearance should be obtained from the appropriate State of the authority of the deceased’s origin (Embassy/consulate) and also from the Indian Mission
  5. Clearance should be obtained from the local health authority
  6. Passport of the deceased should be produced duly-cancelled by the appropriate issuing State of authority (Embassy/consulate)
  7. Death certificate to be obtained from competent Medical authority
  8. Clearance from Local Police authority is required for carriage of Human Remains
  9. Identity proof of the person booking the human remains
  10. Non- Covid death’ certificate.