Class 3 Flammable liquid

It comprises liquids or mixture of liquids or liquids containing solids in a solution or in suspension( for example paints ,varnishes, lacquers etc. but not including substances otherwise  classified on account of their dangerous characteristics) which gives of a flammable vapor at temperature of not more than 60°C closed cup test or more than 65.6°C open cup test normally referred to as the flash point.


  1. Shipment falling under UN1204, UN 2059, UN 3064, UN 3343, UN 3357, UN 3379 (liquid DE-SENSITIZED explosives) are not acceptable in any type of indigo aircraft.
  2. Shipment falling under this class are not to be loaded in the aft hold of A-321.
  3. chemically unstable substance of Class 3 are forbidden for transport under any circumstances (even if it qualifies under special provision A 209).
  4. Excepted quantity is not accepted for carriage in Indigo’s aircraft.
  5. No Dangerous Goods accepted in ATR72-600

Packing Group Criteria:

Substances falling under packing group II & III are only to be accepted in Indigo Flights.

Documents Required at the time of acceptance:

  1. Two copies of completely filled DGD from the shipper(The representative of the shipper filling up the DGD must be qualified in Dangerous Goods Training Category 1)
  2. The DGD must be written in English and no other regional language.
  3. Instruction of dispatch of goods completely filled and signed.

Marking and Labelling:

All marking must be durable and printed or otherwise marked or affixed to the external surface of the package and must be readily visible and legible. Markings to be displayed on the background of contrasting colour and to appear on the opposite sides made in English.

The packages must have the following labels in addition to handling label.

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