Dry – ice as packing material

Dry ice used as packing material (Proper Shipping name: Carbon dioxide, solid)


Dry ice (or carbon dioxide solid, UN 1845) is considered a dangerous good/hazardous material for air transport and requires special handling. Dry ice is classified by DOT (Department of Transportation) and IATA as a 'miscellaneous' hazard, class 9.

At IndiGo, dry ice is used as a coolant for storing perishables such as chocolates, ice-creams, blood samples, medicines, stickers, etc.

General requirements

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Dry Ice is a class 9 Dangerous Good. Packages containing dry ice must always be declared as such by proper marking and labelling. A ‘Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods’ is not required if no other dangerous goods are in the shipment but 'Instruction of dispatch of Goods' is required. Dry ice must be packaged to permit the release of carbon dioxide gas and to prevent a build-up of pressure that could rupture the packaging. Below Packing Instructions must be used and ‘dry ice checklist’ has to be filled by the Acceptance staff at the time of load being tendered. A sample of IndiGo Standard dry ice sticker is given above.

Dry ice used as a refrigerant for other than dangerous goods may be shipped in a unit load device or other types of pallet prepared by a single shipper provided that the shipper has made prior arrangements with the operator. In such a case, the unit load device, or other types of pallet must allow the venting of the carbon dioxide gas to prevent a dangerous build-up of pressure. The shipper must provide IndiGo with written documentation stating the total quantity of the dry ice contained in each packages of the consignment.

Things to note:

Packages in which dry – ice is used as refrigerant is only acceptable

Maximum amount of dry – ice per package is 30 kg

Maximum amount of dry – ice  in A-320 ,per aircraft is 1000 kg and in A-321, per aircraft is 1750 kg.

Boxes must perforate in such a way to allow cross – ventilation

Documents required for transportation of Shipment packed with dry – ice

Completely filled Instruction for Dispatch of goods (IDG)

Completely filled Security declaration

Letter stating the quantity of Dry – ice in each package. (This is mandatory)

Packing, marking and labelling

Legible marking on the packages are mandatory

Emergency contact number to be clearly visible

Specified Class 9 label (is available in the counter) to be affixed on each package