1. How do I track my shipment?

"Shipper can track the shipment with help of AWB on the track my shipment tab in the website. For Track Shipment click here

2. What happens if my shipment is lost?

In case of loss of a shipment or part of it, the shortage is recorded on the delivery order. If cargo remains untraced then the airline issues a short landing certificate on demand after 21 days of short delivery

3. How early can I get my shipment?

"We at IndiGo are committed to timely delivery. The timelines for handing over the shipment as per category is :

General CarGo: Arrival+2 Hours

Perishable, Valuable, FAC, Express, Radio Active, Dry Ice, Human Remains: Arrival+60 minutes"

4. Where should I collect my shipment?

Consignee/Consignee representative along with the ID proof has to visit the destination cargo office to collect the shipment. Consignee representative is required to carry an authorization letter to claim the shipment delivery.

5. In case of loss of contents, what should I do?

Cargo is accepted for carriage on said to contain basis and weight basis only. Hence any shortage of inner contents cannot be verified by the carrier. If a shortage of inner contents is suspected then it has to be notified to the carrier at the time of delivery only. In this case, the weight of the total shipment is taken to ascertain any loss in weight. If any loss is found, it is recorded and verified on the delivery order issued by the carrier.

6. How are the consignments accepted for air transportation by IndiGo?

Consignments are accepted a) directly from the shippers b) Through Cargo Agents

7. Visible damage to inner contents?

If any visible damage to the inner contents is noticed then it should be immediately notified to the carrier at the time of delivery only. If the shipment is delivered without any remarks on the delivery order then it is deemed to have been delivered in good order and condition.

8. Can I avail the facilities on IndiGo ATR?

We are currently not carrying cargo on ATRs, once it is operational it would reflect in our booking section

9. If I book cargo over the counter would I get additional discounts?

for the details on charges please contact [place generic sales id]/ Prevailing market rate would be applicable for the walk-in customer

10. Can I transport my pet dog on IndiGo Cargo?

No, IndiGo does not carry livestock

11. Can I book Cargo on "To Pay" Basis?

"Yes, you can book your shipments on " To-Pay" basis wherein the consignee can make the due payments to IndiGo at the time of delivery. However, the following shipments will not be accepted under "TO-Pay" basis

  • Perishables
  • Newspapers
  • Human remains
  • Unaccompanied Baggage /personal effects
  • Where the resale value of the goods would be less than the total amount to be collected
  • Livestock"

12. What are the packaging requirements to book cargo?

The cargo which is accepted for carriage must be in " Ready for Carriage ". The cargo is said to be "ready for carriage " only when they are –Properly packed, Properly Marked, properly labelled and Properly Documented with the correct weight of the entire shipments. For details on documentation please refer to the cargo services section"