Special Products

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Freight Attached Consignment (FAC)

For small envelopes or packets attached to the air waybill, use Freight Attached Consignment.

Any consignment attached to the Air Waybill is known as Freight Attached Consignment (FAC). These consignments are so small that they cannot be transported separately. These are  attached to the Air Waybills and put inside the CarGo pouch. The FAC generally constitutes of travel documents /tender documents/personal letters/passports/gift items etc.

How it travels

At IndiGo, we accept FAC and other small shipments on all our flights. At the same time, manifest and other operational documents (like Air Waybill copies) also get uplifted in the aircraft.The small shipments, FAC and the manifest and Air Waybill copies must be put inside a bag which is known as "Cargo Document bag".