Prashant Dongre
" On dtd 27th November 2019 I was having approx 7 tons of cargo for various sector in night for the flights 6E5385, 6E664 and 6E636 total of approx 1400pcs for all flights. I would like to appreciate your one of the staff Mr Sohail Khan for the upliftment of all cargo without any offloading of single piece his work at the X ray point was very manageable even after alot of pressure and short of GHA manpower in night he managed the whole pressure and made it possible and worked from the starting like from pasting security stickers, lifting of pieces, making it stacked in trolley, he also not waited for the manpower and by seeing the situation he worked as a GHA also without worrying about his broken shoulder and made the whole upliftment possible. I really want to appreciate his efforts related his work that he even not cared about his broken shoulder. I have seen and realised that for him work and efforts are the first priority. I request you to please appreciate Mr Sohail Khan for his efforts and dedications towards his work. "
Mudit Shukla 
I am writing this email to thank Mr. Vikas Vaishnav, Indigo CarGo Udaipur,  who assisted me when I was flying from Udaipur to Delhi. On 6th January, I reached the airport around 1 P.M. and the flight was scheduled to take off around 2:10 P.M. As I went to the counter to receive my boarding pass, I was informed that I mistakenly booked the flight to Delhi for 06 Feb 2020 instead of 06 Jan 2020. I was shocked and I requested the staff to help me as I needed to reach Delhi urgently. The staff was cooperative and informed me that there would be some extra charge for rescheduling but I didn't have the required amount with me in the form of cash or in my debit card (only these two methods of payment were acceptable). As I looked for help, I met Mr. Vikas and explained my situation. I asked him if he could lend me his debit card and he agreed without any hesitation. I transferred the required amount to his account and with his debit card, I was able to reschedule the flight from 06 Feb 2020 to 06 Jan 2020. I boarded the flight from Udaipur around 2:15 and reached Delhi on time. I am forever grateful to Mr. Vikas as he assisted me and helped me calm down at a time when I was panicking. I hope Indigo recognizes Mr. Vikas Vaishnav for this contribution and helping an Indigo customer at a time of need. 
I would like to share my personal experience  about the services rendered by your executive at Udaipur Airport, Rajasthan.I travellled by Indigo 6E-6915 dt. 16 Feb. 2020 from Hyderabad to Udaipur . Neither I have much knowledge about the city or hotels available, since it is my first visit to Udaipur. Just I walked in to the Indigo counter at Exit of Airport and I met an young, energetic, helpful and highly courteous gentleman. Self requested his help for booking an hotel at Udaipur within my budget. He called many and booked hotel within my budget and in the vicinity of my busniess appointments next day.  He arranged a cab to reach the hotel without any hassel , all above  just within 5 minutes.I personally appreciate the gentleman and his humanly approach and professional courtesies extended to a guset travelle by your airline.His name is Mr. VIKAS VAISHNAV bless him and  his family and pray the the god , let this world be with more such nice people .I wish him goodluck in every walk of life  and would like to see him in better position in near future.  I congratulate Indigo airlines management in findings such nice people and employing them and hope they will do the same in future too.
Syam kumar bandari
Hi,This is syam kumar, came from Doha to Hyd. Hyd to VTZ.Thanks for your very much concern towards us from team of Mr Sandeep rao in supporting and handling us for the process of cargo booking were we are having immediate connection to VTZ flight 6E-6211,were we arrived from international from Doha with family ,we are having around 130 kgs of house hold goods, which are frazile, indigo cargo staff Mr. Jayaram althi and Mr. Raghu helped us to forward the goods with in the time and we got travelled on same flight was a good experience to travel with you ..The great service given by Mr Jayaram & Raghu..This type of people required to grow the organisation and belief on cargo sevices by air.Thanking you very much.
shakti hercules
Dear Indigo Bom Team,We would like to congratulate for the fantastic job of your team for the below shipments.1) 542-01548783, 542-01548794 & 542-01548761.Total cargo weight : Approx 26 Tons.Special thanks and appreciation to Mr. Biju, Mr Joshua Fernandes, Mr. Raj Singh, Mr. Priyal, M/s. Smita and Mr. Joy.You all have been absolutely fantastic on  turning things around. We wish to let you know that,we really appreciate your hard work and dedication.
Sudhakar Rao
Dear Sirs,Warm Greetings!!!I have been interacting with Mr. Sandeep Rao, Indigo Cargo Officer at Shamshabad Airport for the past 3 weeks.  I would like to mention that it has been a pleasure coordinating with him with all my requirements even at the oddest of the hours and he has happily rendered his services through his professional team at the cargo division. He has always managed to follow up at all times and we really appreciate it. Your company has shown such professionalism and it comes highly recommendable to anyone interested.This has been one of the smoothest out port agent for us ever since we started moving Val cargo through Indigo, from Hyderabad.Thanks again for all the help Mr. Sandeep Rao is rendering to us and hope to get the same at all times.
Transmarine Logistics Pvt Ltd
"Dear Suket Sir and Team Glad to inform you all, we have successfully completed our first lot of cargo movement for our valued client by fulfilling their expectation with maintaining proper service delivery. In this significant achievement, we, Transmarine Logistics Pvt Ltd (TML), would like to take the opportunity of expressing our humble gratitude to all of you for such great support towards us in this pandemic period of COVID-19 with limited staffs and service availability. Below is the brief summary of our flights. We are honoured to have Suket Sir’s and Kamal Sir’s kind-hearted support with exceptional guidance throughout the whole movement. Our special thanks to the whole CCU team- Arup Da, Nirupam Da, Debanjan Da, Pushpal Da, Rajib Da and all the ground staffs who were with and for us 24x7 to ensure the successful completion of our cargo movement till the very last piece of each and every shipment. “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy As well said, we TML would like to follow the same and be the business partner of your great organization all around the globe."
Vaibhav Vinchu
Dear Sir/Madam,I am. Very happy with indigo today I booked a shipment for Gorakhpur from Indore. There was a Staff so helpful my staff doesn’t know about anything things but Indigo staff Mr. Ajay sir co-ordinations with me. And booked my shipment properly. I really appreciate and thanks. To indigo and Mr. Ajay Sir.
Revanth Gandikota
Good Evening,This is to thank Sanju and Suraj for supporting us today in connecting 2418 KG load to BLR within short period of time. The load from Fedex reached GMR cargo around 4 PM, which had to be connected in BLR flight which was at 5 PM. In this short period we were able to connect 2.4 tonnes of load on time with the support of Sanju and Suraj. Would like to thank Srikanth too for not hesitating to extend his support in the need of time.
Ashish Shegde
Dear Sir/Mam,Hello, Myself Ashish Shegde was suppose to collect an urgent parcel coming from Banglore through Indigo  flight 6E5334 to Mumbai. But due to some work I couldn't come over to recieve the parcel. So I sent staff to collect the parcel from Mumbai Cargo Terminal. He reached there before flight arrived but even after flight arrival parcel was not handed over for 30mins. My staff went to enquire about the same on arrival counter and there was Mr. Vinayak Faujdar who helped him. Vinayak searched for the cargo parcel with him but couldn't find, so he contacted the flight team and told them to send the parcel urgently. Within few minutes Mr. Vinayak handed the parcel to my staff and also helped him in some terminal charges process. I like your cargo services and I generally send or ask people to send any urgent parcel through your Airline. You have trained your staff well. Was happy to deal with your airlineAnd I once really appreciate Mr. Vinayak Faujdar for helping my staff in such a great manner. He just kept other work at side and gave me my parcel urgently Thanks, keep up the good work team.
nabil mhaslai
My self had came yesterday to take dilvery of live fish. Staff name Adnan Umar Mullaji he helped me to get the shipment clear with no delay. And there was excess which would have delayed me by concor process but he manage to do that also as quick as...
Showkat Travels And Cargo Agency
Dear Team, Thanks a lot sxr cargo for the kind support during perishable season, the way you guys showed  the potential during this covid 19 and did every possible help to uplift the cargo from sxr to other parts of the country is remarkable.. Particularly the young guns Nisar, Amir, Ishfaq and loaders no words to describe you guys. Above oll the coordination of Sumit Sir is awesome can't hv words how he supported.. In the middle of night I do remember I used to col him and olways he showed his highness.. Thanks Sumit Sir.. Wishing u loads of success and tons of load ahead!!
Gaurav Sharma
Dear team I would like to appreciate the help and support your pune team provided me to cargo my luggage to delhi.Kudos to the team for being so supportive.
A M Ashwin
This letter is a appreciation of the efficient and timely service done by Mr. Vinayak Faujdar from Indigo Cargo.Thru AWB No 312 / DEL / 70945630 Origin Station New Delhi, one urgent parcel from our Co was sent from Delhi which was to be collected and delivered to the concerned at a time bound manner in Mumbai today.The flight was supposed to land at 01.30 pm and then the cargo was to be given to us post that, since it was quite urgent we had requested Mr. Vinayak Faujdar and he took our request on top priority and ensured that the parcel is delivered to us at the earliest.We thank Indigo and Vinayak Faujdar for this excellent service and wish the airlines and the staff good wishes, keep the good work going.
Hello, this is Suresh from visakhapatnam and want to share my good personal experience with Aditya Gupta who is working as Sr Executive Cargo Operations. I had to send my cargo luggage to Banglore and then need to collect it from cargo dept Banglore and there's a connecting flight for Germany and I had only 4-5 hrs of layover there. So I visited vizag cargo office where Mr Aditya was on duty. We enquired everything about it and he answered so politely and with warm gestures. He also gave his personal number and asked me to contact him even though he won't be present on the day on which we would send our cargo luggage. As it's my first time with cargo luggage, I really have no idea if it reached there or not. So I called Mr Aditya and asked him about the same .It was so good that he recognized me and in 2 mins he called me back and confirmed my luggage arrival. I didn't expect that kind of quick response. Even after reaching banglore he texted me if I had any problem collecting my luggage as I had few hours of cargo and I need to go out and collect it. So he called the cargo dept at Banglore office and asked them to arrange my luggage at my dispense so that I could quickly collect it and waste no time. This is really so humble gesture and he's been very polite all the time. I really appreciate him for his kind act and thank him.
Bhavani Sri IAS
Hi,  I sincerely appreciate the responsiveness and customer service provided by an employee named Suraj in Indigo cargo , Hyderabad. He was very helpful in following up with my cargo from Hyderabad to Dimapur via kolkata which was loaded on Aug 7th  .Such responsiveness in pandemic situation is appreciated. My best wishes
Arti R. Singh
Dear Smita, 6E DXB/BOM Team & Dnata Team,Appreciate everyone's assistance, in getting the mis-routed piece back to BOM. We received the piece late last night and its in our warehouse.Specially, would like to thanks Smita , as without her coordination and support same would have not been possible.
Vaibhav Bhapkar.
Hello Kasiram,Good morning.I appreciate the service provided by you for moving my luggage from coimbatore to Pune.You are the one person due to which I got confidence that my luggage will be safe throgh cargo service.You have great skills to deal with customer and resolve queries at any time.Special thanks to Kasiram again. 
Umamah Burza.
Dear Sir with due reverence, I Umamah Burza, express appreciation that some of your  staff (Namely Nisar) even after their shift had ended to help us. they maintained their cool and calm and waited till much after their shift had ended to release our consignment of meat which could otherwise be rancid by scathing heat thanking you,
Vishwajit Sorap
"AWB 312 70978460//AWB 312 70978456 I had to book a cargo from Chennai with perishable items which was chocolate with dry ice to keep it cool. As a walkin customer I was unaware of documents needed for Dry ice in one of boxes. I want to thank Mr Pagare and Mr Chetraj for their extended support on helping me to resolve this issue. !!! GREAT WORK TEAM !!! "
Manzoor Ahmad
Hello Go Indigo Cargo Team,Today me Received Shipments having AWB no. 312-70979591 (COK - SXR) at Srinagar Airport, I thankfull your team For Supporting me Especially Mr Amir Gulzar, he is great man i give him 5 Star, He has a Good communication Skill to Customers..
Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Dear Sir,Greetings!Most of the consignments related to live material of Silkworm and Mulberry plantations are being sent by Indigo and received by Indigo from many parts of India.Further, the staff of Indigo, Mr. Ishfaq Hussain Wani is always helpful and very cooperative for our work. Yesterday, I called in the night for our consignment (AWB No. 312-10532896) and he immediately responded and asked me about the number of consignments booked from Kolkata. He immediately checked in the night and informed me about the same. Whenever I have some problem with flight details, he always come at Airport and helps us. He is very cooperative and helpful not only for me but also for our staff too.Once again thanks for keeping excellent staff at Srinagar Airport
We had a issue with Indigo Cargo and the same was followed by your team Ms. Shahin Akhtar and we were happy with resolution and speedy closure for the same.
Kaustubh Deshpande
Dear Concerned,This mail is in connection with the consignment’s that I have connected to Kolkata from Aurangabad.On 17-09-2020 and 20-09-2020 I had connected consignments through Airway Bill # 71008733/71013530 to Kolkata.Mr Vinay and Mr Atul the Duty in charge on that day interacted with me; which was so energetic and charged with their responsibilities to help in this troubled time of pandemic.Right from picking the call in the shortest ring and guiding the person to do the right is there best part thay do because of the thorough knowledge they possess in documentation and processes.  I have experienced that there guidelines to everyone present for connection the cargo saves a lot of time which occurs due to clerical mistakes.This humble approach of Vinay made pen down my feelings. I wish everyone in the cargo team of Indigo all the best of luck to achieve pinnacles of success.
Ketav Shastri
Hi,I am Ketav Shastri from Ahmedabad. We are your corporate client.We had ordered homeopathy medicine from Mumbai on Sun.20th September 2020.It was good experience interacting with your Cargo team, especially Mr. Ankush Patil at your Mumbai Cargo Desk.Ankush, proactively guided us following all required rules and attended our small yet important shipment throughout. It was indeed his best help.Our shipment reached us timely & in good shape.Thanks Indigo team Mumbai & Ahmedabad !
Nizamuddin Sk
Dear Rahul singh sir,I really appreciate your honesty help you are a great player your honesty and your behaviour never forget my life. You are such a great men. Are you are a great hero for our nation,  god bless you.
Pallavi Joshi 
Hello Team,As per our plan, we booked and sent the festive sweets to our Indian soldiers to Dibrugarh through Indigo Cargo from Pune on 18th October 2020. The consignment was sent via Kolkata transit. It reached Dibrugarh on 19th October 2020 in a very good condition. I thank all the Cargo staff of Indigo who helped and guided me and my Anam Prem family in this journey of nobel cause towards our Indian army. In this pandemic I understand many of us are going through so many hardships that no one has ever imagined. But Anam Prem always suggests to contribute to our society in some or the other way and try to spread happiness within all the support systems of India as a country. We will continue spreading love and peace irrespective of any situations our world face. Contributing to our society through any good nobel cause should not be solely a responsibility of only registered NGO. Going ahead I humbly request the CSR team of Indigo to support genuine groups of people to contribute to the nobel cause and help /support them in all the possible ways.Last but not least, I would like to personally thank Mr. Mahesh Balaganesan, Mr. Ajay Jadhav, Mr. Abhishek Dhavale Mr. Pagar and Mr. Salunke who guided me timely and provided me with accurate information for making this activity a success! The staff at the Pune airport was very helpful. I also extend my gratitude towards Kolkata cargo team of Indigo who has handled the consignment properly and helped to deliver the festive sweets to our Indian soldiers on time. We Anam Premis wish the best for Indigo team and thank you all for your time to make this activity a memorable event for us.
Josheph Wilson
Great service from mr vikas, indigo Cargo Udaipur ,Thanks you very much
Amit Thakur
"I had arrival cargo on 6e 6215 which was too urgent Contain Biological sample which was needed to deliver urgently at hospital.I request at counter Mr adnan umar mullaji i needed urgently He had delivered my cargo within 25 mins from flight landed which never ever seen from other airline.It was great to see such a efficient staff. It was recommendable service given by indigo I appreciate your service. Thanks you Indigo cargo for such a remarkable service. "
It was a wonderful service extended by indigo from pune to coimbatore for a parcel which I wanted to get on same day.
Dr Prashant Pargaonkar
Dear Sir, I wish to send this mail of appreciation in connection with the consignment (No.312-46481805) sent by me from Aurangabad to Chennai on Saturday the 21st Of Nov through INDOGO. My very senior teacher and guide Dr.Muthu Krishna Mani, 90 yrs old, is a Retired Emeritus Professor and Head of Nephrology Department, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai and is very much fond of "Sitaphals" Custard Apples of our region in Aurangabad. He had tasted this fruit long back in one of the Conferences which he had attended here in our city. So every year I make it a point to send him this fruit in this peak season. Previously I used to send it by regular courier services and every time a large portion of the fruit used to get crushed and wasted, as it was manhandled and also reached late.This year I happened to know that such delicate fruits could be sent by air cargo and will reach the destination on the same day, within a few hours. So when I contacted the INDIGO staff at the Cargo section and requested them to deliver this consignment, they were very helpful and managed to send the same with utmost care. I was very pleased and also relieved to know that all the fruits were delivered to the destination within a few hours and that too with great care. Even Dr.Mani Sir was relieved to see that each and every fruit had reached him in good condition and not like all the previous consignments where most of the fruits used to get literally crushed and unusable. I shall utilize this service each year hence forth.My special thanks to Mr.Atul Lande and his team for this great help.
Akshay Bora
"Dear Team , We would like to Specially thank Alkesh Patel Sir for taking sincere efforts in diverting our Consignment vide AWB No.312 -71121013 from Delhi to Pune yesterday. Even though it was Sunday - He has promptly taken action and given necessary instructions to staff at Delhi Airport to divert the parcel at very short notice and put in the next available flight from Delhi to Pune. This consignment contained spares which were urgently required to start our machine which was under breakdown resulting in Production loss. We are pleased to inform that today early morning the spare part was fitted on the machine & production resumed. We deeply Appreciate Alkesh Patel Sir's personal intervention for addressing our grievance. We are Very Grateful to you in supporting us & Thank You Once Again for your Kind Co-operation on behalf of Parason Group Management."