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Dry – ice as packing material

Things to note:

  1. Packages in which dry – ice is used as refrigerant is only acceptable
  2. Maximum amount of dry – ice per package is 30 kg
  3. Maximum amount of dry – ice per aircraft is 200 kg
  4. Boxes must perforate in such a way to allow cross – ventilation

Documents required for transportation of Shipment packed with dry – ice

  1. Completely filled Instruction for Dispatch of goods (IDG)
  2. Completely filled Security declaration
  3. Letter stating the quantity of Dry – ice in each package. (This is mandatory)

Packing, marking and labelling

  1. Legible marking on the packages are mandatory
  2. Emergency contact number to be clearly visible
  3. Specified Class 9 label (is available in the counter) to be affixed on each package