CarGo Services

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Valuable Cargo – Handled with care

With our valuable CarGo service, we make sure your most precious items are treated with the care they deserve and are delivered safely to their destination.

Terms and conditions:

Valuable CarGo means a consignment which contains one or more of the following articles:

  1. Any article having a declared value of carriage of USD 1000 (or equivalent) or more, per gross kilogram
  2. Gold bullion (including refined and unrefined gold in ingot form), dore bullion, gold specie and gold in the form of grain, sheet, foil, powder, sponge, wire, rod, tube, circles, mouldings and castings, platinum, platinum metals (Palladium, iridium, ruthenium, osmium and rhodium) and platinum alloys in the form of grain, sponge, bar, ingot, sheet, rod, wire, gauze, tube and strip (but excluding those radioactive isotopes of the above metals and alloys which are subject to restricted articles labelling requirements)
  3. Legal banknotes, traveller’s cheques, securities, shares, share coupons and stamps (excluding mint stamps from the United Kingdom) and ready for use bank cards and/or credit cards
  4. Diamonds, (including diamonds for industrial use), rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals and real pearls (including cultured pearls)
  5. Jewellery consisting of diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, opals and real pearls (included cultured pearls)
  6. Jewellery and watches made of silver and/or gold and/or platinum; articles made of gold and/or platinum, other than gold and/or platinum plated

Things to remember:

  1. IndiGo accepts VAL CarGo in both values declared for carriage and valuable by nature. In the event of the value declared, 0.75% of the value declared minus IndiGo’s liability (INR350/= per kg.) will be charged as valuation charges and in the event of NVD, security charges will be applied as per applicable rate card
  2. All valuables (except oversized) are forwarded inside sealed VAL box
  3. To declare the value of the shipment, please provide the original invoice. We will retain a copy of the invoice

Packing and marking

Cloth wrapped with Shellac seal in general.

Things to note:

  1. The mode of packing must be mentioned on the IDG
  2. Only opaque packaging is accepted by IndiGo for carriage
  3. Currency is only accepted on the basis of the RBI clearance (Declaration given by the bank)

Documents required for transportation of Valuable cargo

  1. Duly filled Instruction for Dispatch of Goods (Available at the carGo counter)
  2. Legible marking and labelling to be done on the packages (by the shipper)
  3. Security declaration form (Available at the carGo counter)
  4. Manifest of the material if declared under a generic heading (like personal effects, household goods, etc)
  5. Non-dangerous goods declaration
  6. Government Photo ID proof of the shipper (except PAN Card)