Sachit Arora
Dear Sir/Mam I would like to highlight dedication towards customer satisfaction for one of your employees Mr. Harpal Singh working at Indigo Cargo , AmritsarI was travelling to Bangalore on 7th Jan  PNR LL58NX and had excess baggage As I had never booked cargo using Indigo cargo services before so had absolutely no idea regarding the procedure But Mr. Harpal went all the way to dispel my concerns and provide prompt service even sharing the images of my bag shrink wrapped and showing the exact weight It will really help the Indigo brand to have such working ambassadors as champions of customer service 
Dear Sir ,We sincerely appreciate the efficient,Gracious,patience & prompt service of Mr.Sanjeev Kumar  as our Kolkata Shrimps Yesterday came in last hour for out bound connection. Mr.Sanjeev Kumar has put there best efforts to manage on time upliftment of load in 6E6246 We consider your service as an asset to our organisation and wish to continue this association for a long time. Thanking you once again for your support Shiva Sir &Team.
Dear Indigo,Good Morning!!!!!!!            We really happy to inform you that ,   Today we have load to forward to PORT BALIR(89PC WT 899KG - 30529365) but unfortunately the customer bring the load after cut off time in the same time heavy load and there is no space to send the load  , In indigo Staff Mr. Saravanan and Counter part Team gave priority and help us to uplifted the load ,  Really we appreciate them , they done Good job and really help us...
Girdharee Singh
Dear Sir,Thanks for all support & co-operation from you and your team.Yesterday due to break down of vehicle, our vehicle reached at Airport after our regular cutoff time, but due to your staff Mr. Satish & Team coordination and support we have connect the in Same in Schedule Flight Awb No. 31457742 MAA TO STV 6E319 as they know the value of Live Shrimps & Customer.HATS OFF TO YOU.Keep it continue.
Dear Sir,KUDOS for indigo team.Thanks for uplifting all our planned cargo on 16th July 2019  (DOH- 4 ton 929 kgs, KWI- 2 ton 774 kgs & SIN 723 kgs Total : 8 Ton 426 Kgs ) in 6E 1707/ 6E 1751/6E 53.Congratulations to all on achieve this milestone especially for who attend the flight Mr. Annand and  entire Ops Team for execute this achievement Once again we congratulate and thanks to entire team of Indigo including Ops manager Mr.Vinoth also we thank to sales managers Mr.Reuben and Mr. Sudheesh  for this support and cooperation for do more and more achievement in future Always we  seeking your support and co operation.
srisaicargo forwarders
Dear Sir /madam Your team member done a great job yesterday I booked for shipment to pnq perishable cargo aquarium fish due to vehicle issue shipment reported after your cutt of time I really appreciation your staff Mr. Sathish accept shipment same was uplifted flight no 6e 502  this is an example for good customer service  Once again for good customer service Mr. Sathish and Maa Cargo team 
S. Anilkumar
Dear Mr. Gawtham, Mr. Ramesh and Mr. Anand,We are glad to appreciate all of you for your valuable support on Yesterday our urgent shipment connectivity in 6E-2704.Specially thanks to Mr. Gawtham and we really appreciate his efforts with Team cooperation in this regard is highly appreciated.
venugopal reddy
Hi Shiva & team,On behalf of the HYD Airhaul Team, I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by your entire ground team on peak days, wherein we were able to fulfil our customer promises.we couldn’t have achieved this prime peak success without your support . we look forward to continue this relationship for long term.Your diligence ,self-motivation as well as dedication have been a source of inspiration for the rest of the team.Thank you once again for all your efforts.
Hello Everyone This is to bring to your notice about the kind gesture by Mr.Simant Kumar Mishra of Indigo Airlines.Actually I am Karthik from Hyderabd , i made a wrong transfer  which was indented to be sent to someone else but transferred to the account of Mr.Gyan Chandar  who has private cargo services attached to Indigo Cargo ,. I have raised this issue with bank but they could not help me as it was UPI transaction.Earlier  I had a done a transaction with with Indigo Airlines and utilized services  so i had contact number of Mr. .Simant Kumar Mishra. I have raised the above issue with Mr.Simant Kumar Mishra explaining the same , this guy took all the details which i could provide and caught hold of this Mr.Gyan and helped me  in getting my money refunded My Sincere Thanks to Mr.Mr.Simant Kumar Mishra
Vaibhav vinchu 
Dear Indigo Cargo Team,I am very satisfied & happy  for the service provided by your team members Mr. Ajay & Mr. Kapil I booked  a shipment. 312-7041 6776 on 10/8/19 By mistake I wrote wrong destination, then i requested them to change the destination as IXM through an email, your staff took initative & helped me a lot in getting the goods delivered at the destination, I am thankful to Mr. Ajay & Mr. Kapil who Co-ordinated for this.I really. Thanx and appreciate both of you. and so happy. This coordination. 
Alok Saha
Dear madam / sir I wish to thank Ms Priyanka for the excellent co-operation & services rendered by her and her team .I was anxious as my son travels to US via Nagpur for his Masters and we kept two days in hand for delay, just in case.To my surprise the booked material reached Nagpur the same evening. We just have to collect it tomorrow.I wish Ms Priyanka & her team the very best on her health & career. Thankyou again for Ms Priyanka’s  support and your co-operation
Dear Sir ,I on behalf of CK /MU Cargo Kolkata would like to place on record our sincere thanks for the wonderful Co-ordination and co-operations that we received for connecting our PER loads on MU564 DEL -PVG /24-August 2019 .The 6E international operational Team led by Rajib Datta  at CCU  and Akshay -DEL , was exceptionally proactive and was always available an coordinating  with me till the operation was over .   BWFS,DEL and CK Cargo DEL led by Deepu , was exceptionally helpful .
Yogesh Advani.
Dear Team,I want to express my deep appreciation for the support and helping me on 26th Aug 2019. I am very grateful to Mr. Satish & Mr. Chetraj for taking out the time and helping me in sending an urgent as well as important letter to Hyderabad.
Rivin Lucious
Hi indigo, I would appreciate one of your employee Mr.Sukesh and team from Trivandrum cargo. Starting from the time i reached cargo office till i handover my cargo to indigo he was very much courteous and responsible.Moreover he helped me a lot in reaching my cargo in the same flight i travelled which was amazing. Even though it was a connecting flight.I really appreciate he and his teams commitment to the work.
Ganesh  Salaskar
Dear Mr. Vinayak,We thank you for the assistance by you on 14th Sept 2019, for our shipment to Amritsar. Also appreciate the quality of the response from you, which helped us to resolve the issue very quickly. Your timely communication in this regard is excellent. Keep it up.  
Anuj Upadhyaya.
Dear Indigo,Booked cargo today from IDR to CCU having AWB NUMBER 312- 70500150.Just was happy with your service and specially Mr. Ghanshyam Sharma was very cooperative at IDR cargo.
Ahmedadbad Cargo Team,I really want to thank Shruti Sharma for being so  prompt and helpful in tracing a lost item during my bangalore-ah’bad flight. She called me few times with information I requested which typically most say they will but never do . I really wish every airline employee  is like her coz quite a few at customer service said “still tracing” and were ready to hang up. I finally received my lost item.Shout out to Shruti Sharma and everyone who helped track this
Yogesh Advani.
Dear Team,I want to express my deep appreciation for the support and helping me on 06th Nov 2019. I am very grateful to Mr. Alkesh Patel & Mr. Chetraj for taking out the time and helping me in sending an urgent as well as important parcel to Ahmedabad.
Manish Painuly
Dear Team Indigo,We would like to thank you for the extended support and cooperation done by the team Indigo especially Mr. Sandeep Arora and team (afternoon shift) for uplift of 4700 Kgs of HYD cargo. This special Movement of cargo was very critical and sensitive as shipment of New Launch Mobile Phones. We would like to thank you on behalf Thanks for your continuous support Satish sir and Sushil Sir.We are seeking same support from Indigo as there will be increase of volumes and transactions in coming days.
Prashant Dongre
" On dtd 27th November 2019 I was having approx 7 tons of cargo for various sector in night for the flights 6E5385, 6E664 and 6E636 total of approx 1400pcs for all flights. I would like to appreciate your one of the staff Mr Sohail Khan for the upliftment of all cargo without any offloading of single piece his work at the X ray point was very manageable even after alot of pressure and short of GHA manpower in night he managed the whole pressure and made it possible and worked from the starting like from pasting security stickers, lifting of pieces, making it stacked in trolley, he also not waited for the manpower and by seeing the situation he worked as a GHA also without worrying about his broken shoulder and made the whole upliftment possible. I really want to appreciate his efforts related his work that he even not cared about his broken shoulder. I have seen and realised that for him work and efforts are the first priority. I request you to please appreciate Mr Sohail Khan for his efforts and dedications towards his work. "