Mohammed Imran Bhadalia

Dear Mr.Kumar,

We would like to thank you for your amazing support and help, your efforts are highly appreciated.

Thankfully we got our cargo on time and we started our booking as per schedule.

This all was possible only with your great help and support.

We thank complete Indigo Airlines Cargo Team at Ranchi and Guwahati both for resolving the problem and covering up on the possible loss on time.

Thanks again to Mr.Munna Kumar for his outstanding follow up, help and support.

K.lakshmipathi raju

Dear indigo team,

This lakshmipathi Raju c/o l&t LTD. I would like to appreciate Mr. Chaitanya Varma  staff vtz has gave me best service while booking my cargo. Awb-71236023. Vtz-del.

Avinash Paravada

Good day,

Thankyou Mr. Chaitanya varma for your kind assistance while booking the shipment from VTZ to IXE on 10-Feb-2021 vide 312-71238591.

All the best!

Saurabh Tiwari

Dear BDQ Cargo Team, 

Greetings from Trivia International Cargo Services!

On behalf of the entire team of Trivia International Cargo Services, I would like to thank every member of your team for supporting us and we appreciate the spirit of each team member. We are happy from the terrific group of people working in your tandem at BDQ Station. The teamwork displayed is exemplary and commendable. 

Mr Jignesh Simariwala you have always been up in helping with prompt service at all time on one single call or message either from the airport office or home this reflects your passion for the job making you an incredible person to work with. We appreciate your performance and look forward to work with you on many future consignments. Thank you once again for all your contributions.

Aman Asnani

Dear Indigo Team,

On 13th February 2021, I travelled from BOM-UDR on flight 6E-749, once I reach to Udaipur someone in arrival at help desk asked me for photo ID and for showing them out I take out my

Wallet and from arrival to parking in between mistakenly dropped my wallet.

And once I reached home I realized that my wallet has been lost.

 I called several people from authority and known but any which ways was not able to trace my wallet.

Then I visited airport again on 15th February 2021 to trace my wallet and for help I found Mr.Vikas Vaishnav at indigo front reservation office.

When I explained whole scenario to him he immediately assist us in every possible way. He went to arrival to cross check from help desk and he took us to airport authority people in lost and found

Department and lucky we. 

 I found my wallet. Every thing was there in wallet !!

 I would really like to appreciate Mr.Vikas Vaishnav for his very positive and helping nature. Without a single thought he helped us for every best possible way !!

 Thank you indigo !! you have best staff in your Udaipur team !!

Pns Kumar

Dear indigo team,

This Pns Kumar from NCC limited, I booked a document from VTZ counter to Hyd(6e 315) Aws-312-71252801. While booking your staff mr.Chaitanya Varma from VTZ gave me best service. So I would like to appreciate him.

Saumitra Tiwari

This is a feedback mail from a customer who faced despair in booking a cargo at dehradun after knowing that the counter gets closed. 

Agent name vishal shah was there who tried to solve my problem after knowing my difficulties and contact other staff who just went back after their respective shifts. 

The staff members sanjay kotiyal,brahmendra,vijaychauhan,vaibhav rawat helped to pick up the luggage which is more than 200 kg and then they solved my problem and booked my luggage for cargo. 

I just want to thank indigo and their staff for their wonderful services. I would like to thank specially those members whom i mentioned above to solve my problem and make it easier for me. Thankyou

Nainesh Patel

Indigo Baroda Team,

We are very grateful to the Indigo staff and manager.  Thanks to their co-operation, CARGO has uplifted a lot in the last 4th month. Thank you to us for INDIGO Ops staff and manager .  We will get the same kind of co-operation and our co-operation will also get the same.

We appreciate to all Indigo staff.



Dear Indigo Team, We would like to appreciate Mr. Anurag and Mr. Parikshit for their commendable job in introducing the track and trace process started from

PO mail .It was their persistent hard work and all the time availability that has given us fruitful results in introducing the scanning process .

Thanks to Mr. Anurag for giving us a proper demonstration of all the activity and also his presence at all the time during IGNOU mail movement.

We are glad to apprise both of them for their all-time presence and solving all PO mail related problems effectively.

Pranali Daundker 

Dear Satish,

A big thank you from NYUCT Design Labs for the assistance and prompt response from you and your team at Indigo cargo. Our package was booked on this mornings Indigo flight to Bagdogra. 

Omkar and team at the cargo terminal was most efficient and helpful as well. 

Our best wishes to you all!

Nainesh Patel

Indigo Baroda Team,

We are very grateful to the BDQ Indigo staff and manager.  Thanks to their co-operation, 23 tons CARGO has uplifted in the month of Feb'21. Thanks  to  INDIGO Ops staff and manager .  We will get the same kind of co-operation and our co-operation will also get the same.

We appreciate to Indigo Cargo station Manager and Well trained, smart and Co operate  Ops Team.


Dear Indigo Operations and Sales Team,

Hercules Aviation is proud to be associated with Indigo Airlines in various ways.

We wish to thank :

Operations : Mr. Joshua Fernandes, Mr. Raj Singh and team.

Commercials : Mr. Biju Shankar, Mr. Ashit Shetty, M/s. Anushka Nagpal

Planning / Customer Service : M/s. Smita Jagtap

We did number of shipments in the past one years time and each shipment was, with fresh challenges in part of revenue and space managing aspect 

You all wonderfully supported and helped us to grow with positive planning and way out in every shipment.

Special thanks for the below shipments that we have recently handled in these two months time.These shipments are on top of listings as we had lost hope of getting them in our pockets.

But as always we won and gave the best of service and pricing, just by having you all around us to protect and work on these.

We assure you more support with tonnage in future times to come as a thank you note.

Request you to keep this same support in future times too.

Thank you.

Dr.Bina Saikia.

Dear Mam/Sir, Thank you for your timely service and support to solve the problem which had been raised. I would like to convey my  thanks to Soma Majumder for helping out in every possible way. We could send our sample today. It was really a nice experience for us

Atul Goyal

Dear Soma, I am very much satisfied with your reply and appreciate your courtesy while hearing the matter.

I have come across one of the best customer care representatives.


Dear Sir,

It was a great experience today on flight 6e 493 HYD-STV where we had shrimp movement of 115 boxes and there was no proper coordination from our agency as we are start ups and shipments had just started!!

Mr Sandeep Rao & Mr Sanjeev sah went out of the box and helped our agency staff for the upliftment, documentation and other airport operations also with many other loads which were there for other flights. The shipment is uplifted without any offload instead of so many obligations incurred.  

I would really like to bring them to your notice so that their hard work is determined and their courage for giving good service to start up agencies like us is much appreciable!! And also would like to apologise to them for the things that happened around today and will make sure there will be proper communication from next time!!

Very Much Happy with the outstanding support from both of them!!


Dear indigo team,

This is behara gangadhar from Visakhapatnam. I booked a shipment from vtz to blr awb-312:71303013, while booking the shipment in peak time your staff Mr. Chaitanya Varma from vtz gave me best service and information of procedure. I felt very happy about it.

I am appreciating this boy for his effective and healthy communication at counter.

G. Raju 

Dear indigo,

This is g.raju from vizag. I booked a cargo from vtz to hyd with AWB: 312-71308882.

I appreciate Mr.Chaitanya varma from vizag station as he gave me good service while booking in a hurry time.

Thanking him for his better relation.

S. Bhaskar

Dear indigo cargo,

This is s. Bhaskar rao from visakhapatnam came first time to indigo cargo for booking. AWB: 312-71322812

 VTZ - DEL. As first time I don't know process and the counter was very busy but even in that busy time staff mr. Chaitanya gave me full explanation about booking.

I am appreciating him for his effective service.

Nainesh Patel

Indigo Baroda Team,

We are very grateful to the BDQ Indigo staff (Mr. Afzal Guru, Mosin Sarfi, Abhizar suji , Rakesh Shah, Krishna kamble ) and manager (Jignesh sir.)  Thanks to their co-operation, 29 tons CARGO has uplifted in the month of Mar'21. Thanks  to  INDIGO Ops staff ( Mr. Afzal Guru, Mosin Sarfi, Abhizar suji , Rakesh Shah, Krishna kamble ) and manager (Jignesh sir.).  We will get the same kind of co-operation and our co-operation will also get the same.

We appreciate to Indigo Cargo station Manager (Mr. Jignesh Simariwala ) and Well trained, smart and Co operate  Ops Team  ( Mr. Afzal Guru, Mosin Sarfi, Abhizar suji , Rakesh Shah, Krishna kamble ) 

Thanks also support to me  Mr. Joshua fernandes 

Ram Prasad Sahu

Dear Mr Jignesh & Team 6E, 

 Lots of Thanks on behalf of Sequel Logistics Ahmedabad.Great support got from you all in the hard time whatever we expected from you. Especially appreciated for well handling of bulk bullion shipments with zero offloading.

 Thanks again for your kind support & expect the same in future also.


Good Morning Chetraj,

First of all thanks a lot for your time and discussion on feedback 

We would like to appreciate your team in terms of  timely response on our service related cases and excellent service levels rendered to us.

Special thanks to Satish  Kashid & Vikrant Golekar  has also helped us to close most of the pending discrepancies.

Appreciate your support once more and look forward to this continuing.

Prabin Kumar

Dear Sudheesh / Jai

 AWB NO : 312-71349224 /MAA-DEL/ MEDICINE

 Many thanks for the great service you extended to us for this life saving medicine transportation to Delhi .. Mr Jai and the operation team helped to connect this at 9.30pm flight even the medicine reached airport in the last moments( near 9 PM)., special thanks and appreciation to Mr Jai.

 It was a great help and support for the patient who was admitted in ICU of a hospital in Delhi,, they were waiting for the injection and we could deliver it them on time only because of your timely help and support.

 It shows your dedication and commitments… in today’s challenging environment such services will have considerable impact on needed person’s life.


Dear sir/ Madam,


I am Dr.Santosh, from chennai. Yesterday my colleague was admitted in the ICU and suffered for his life. We did nor find the emergency medicine  neither from Chennai nor from Tamilnadu state. We got the medicine from Kerala, trivandrum, we contacted Indigo through your Ex employee Mr.Nanda, he introduced me Mr. Babu Shankar, Cargo section, Trivandrum, he immediately responded to the call and helped us tremendously and follow the consignment from Trivandrum to chennai. He Introduced Mr. Vishnu and Mr.Santhosh from Chennai Airport to me and they also joined the crew and helped me instantly. Today the patient is alive only because of these good hearted friends. On behalf of the patient's family I thank each one of you, especially Mr.Babu, Mr.Vishnu and Mr. Santhosh. 

I salute them all. God bless you!!

Gauri Shankar

Dear sir,

I would like to share my experiences at aircargo office Hyderabad. Today I.e on 24th April I had to book a parcel for Patna in Indigo flight at 14.25pm.

There in d office I met one Mr Sandeep and requested to help in d process  !

His attitude was so helpful and cordial that I could not stop myself from putting my feelings here ! He helped me till d final  screening of parcel !

He is very humble and a true/ excellent professional  ! Such hand can b an asset for any organisation  !!

God bless him !! 

Thanks Sandeep  !!

Ankita Chopkar

Hello Team Indigo, 

I would like to thank your team for going the extra mile and working during difficult times .Because of your efforts and service we manged to get life saving injection on time. 

You helped us right when we needed help the most. 

Indigo Team ( HYD, BLR, RPR) and especially to Mr. Manikanth, for providing proper guidance and constant support throughout the transit of the cargo.I could not have gotten through it without indigo support and we together managed to save a life. 

I wish you all the best and keep up the good work. 

Let's keep our spirits high and we shall all come out of  this difficult time soon. 

Take care and be safe. 

God bless you all

Roshan Singh

Dear All,

Hope you are doing well.

I would like to appreciate Mr. Hemant Maruti Patil for his efforts today and helping me accomplish an important task.

Today at around 02:40AM I called Mr. Hemant for guiding me on a Cargo consignment, Portable O2 Concentrator was to be sent to DEL from first flight of the day, for a staff who require it on urgent basis.

Mr. Hemant after knowing the importance of the consignment took initiative, took responsibility and helped me at every step, got involved in all the paperwork and formalities with me so that the equipment could reach on the aircraft without delay.

He also arranged for a separate baggage trolley specially for that sensitive equipment, coordinated with the staff on ramp and made sure that its being loaded very carefully on the aircraft and on time.

We couldn't have done without you Hemant.

Thank You. Keep up the spirit.

Ashutosh Chharia

Dear Indigo,

Greetings for the day.

Today 11th May 2021 I had taken cargo service from Indore to Hyderabad.

I would like to inform you that, It was very amazing experience with Indigo, my parcel reached to me safely and without any Hassle got it Smoothly.

From Indore the parcel was handled and taken care by Mr. KAPIL PANWAR (DESIGNATION- SENIOR EXECUTIVE CARGO OPERATIONS -IDR) ( My Cargo details - 312/IDR/71374715 )

His excellent service, amazing Support and spontaneous helpfull attitude with Amazing Cooperation has made my cargo arrival successful, Mr.Kapil is an Asset to Indigo and today I feel - Hard work at such tough times in Covid - Individuals like him are making things possible, Great experience , Great Service from Mr.Kapil - Highly Appreciate.

I felt it was my duty to Inform and give feedback to Indigo.

Tushar Korgaonkar

Thank you Alkesh, Smita for supporting to get this shipment deliver to customer in time. Great support from both of you.

 Special Thanks to Alkesh, as you self help customer at Security Gate to prepare the Gate pass following Airport Security process.


Dear Ms Deepa Kumari/ the us consualate general, kolkata would like to reiterate our appreciation for the valuable assistance you provided to the clearnce delivery of COVID 19 VACCINE this morning, on may 18'2021

your extra ffort to call mr mitra to inform him of the arrival of the vaccine and your help arranging fast delivery is indeed an example of your professional and dedicated approach when working with external customer. your assistance and co-operation in this regard is highly appreciated.


Dear Team,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support extended for my shrimp shipment yesterday.

As you are aware it is a highly perishable commodity and is of high value where the supply chain plays a major role. Yesterday my vehicle broke down on the way leading to the delay for tendering cargo.

The usual acceptance time is D-2 hour where my vehicle reached the D-1 hour.

If we missed the flight we had no other alternative connections and we would have lost the entire commodity as the shrimp seeds would not survive.

The shipper would have incurred a loss of 15 lakhs.

During this crisis Mr. Bharathi Raja has taken ownership of the situation and has ensured the cargo was uplifted in spite of the limited time available to connect. I would like to sincerely  appreciate his efforts to make this happen which made my customer very happy and has a special preference for Indigo cargo for backing us up in the crisis. I would also like to thank Mr. Vinoth Xavier for stepping in and driving this with the team.

We are humbled and look forward to your support in the future.


Dear Team,

 We are successfully winding up our Prime Day’21. We did not face any offloads and retrieval delays during prime days.

 We would like to Thank You and your team for a successful peak season. Please pass a thank you note to your ground team. 


Dear Team,

 We are successfully winding up our Prime Day’21. We did not face any offloads and retrieval delays during prime days.

 We would like to Thank You and your team for a successful peak season. Please pass a thank you note to your ground team. 

Anshu Mittal

Dear Sir,

This is to convey our sincere appreciation to the Indigo team posted at the Cargo terminal of the Jaipur Airport, for their out of the way timely support extended to us in handling our consignment.

Without their timely intervention, the consignment would not have reached the airport to be loaded onto the aircraft before its departure, resulting in late delivery of the material to our customer and a consequent grave loss of reputation to our Organization.

Among-st the Indigo team, Mr. Mukesh, Mr. Deepak Saini and Mr. Amit Raman deserve a special acknowledgement and a pat on the back for their 'last-mile delivery' support to us. Their services were exemplary and this renews our trust in the extreme reliability of Indigo as a World-class Airline in handling high-value Cargo.

Ramesh Siddhan

Dear Indigo Team

A real appreciation to the entire Indigo team who gave us immense support in handling this RED SANDERS project.

Thank you all for your exemplary performance💐💐💐.👏👏👏


Ramesh Siddhan

Jyothi Logistics

Dear BLR Indigo Team,

We Jyothi Logistics being regular customer in BLR to INDIGO in transporting our Perishable Goods( Fish meat, Vegetables, Flowers, Coriander) to different cities of India connecting through our Agent BHAGAVATI feels happy and wanted to thank you through this mail.

We has a customer are Pleased, many thankful and scencierely  appreciate  BLR Indigo Team in the way they handle and connect our goods on Priority and in professional manner too.Firstly,  We scencierely thank and appreciate Mr. TAUSIF MEHDI from sales team whose never die attitude and with smart planning, implementing and management  guide's and help us and our Agent in connecting our goods on Indigo smoothly.Secondly, We Appreciate the Entire Operations Team in supervision of MR MIRZA, SHASHI, NAVEEN, ASHOK and special thanks to  executives Mohan, Umesh, Murali mohan, Niranjan, Manju, Chetan.  in executing their sales team plan effectively in handling and transporting our Perishable Goods without any offloads, damage and without any issues and difficulty.

During this Pandemic situation we has a small company and our agent BHAGAVATI  from BLR are making small profits and growing  in this transportation industry is just because of great support of  Blr Indigo team.

We once again thank, appreciate and request BLR INDIGO team their regular support asusual..

We Pray and wish Indigo Airlines in continuous growth and achieve lot of success in Aviation industry.

Thanks and regards,

Balu Ramachandra,

Jyothi Logistics.

Meena Yadav

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are extremely happy and appreciate the nice gesture of team Indigo while dealing our Cargo on 18th August 21 for Allahabad of six bags.

Our special thanks to Mr. Nath at Indigo, Allahabad who took personal care and attention to go out of the way for releasing our shipment which could possible only with personal care of Mr. Nath.

We always and prefer use Indigo Airlines for all our Cargo need but this incident of yesterday has firmed out belief to use only Indigo Airline in future.

Thanks one again to team Indigo for their exemplary service and support

!!--Thanks & Regards

Meena Yadav

Head CRM

Snehal Kadam

Dear 6E BOM Cargo Team,Thanks for all your support which you all gave to us during our last month July -21 Sale period ,looking  forward to the same support with the same tempo in upcoming days also, we have to achieve many more milestones together in upcoming days .I was personally available on SACT floor during last during our last month Sale period &  noticed what are the challenges 6E OPS team faced from acceptance area to the flight planning ,also aware the Air side challenges during peak seasons shortage manpower ,shortage of equipment ,last minute Bay changes ,RTOW ,QTR  etc ...inspite all those challenges you all guys handled  the cargo operations in well manner fantastic & superb job done .

In the month of July-21 Ex-BOM we tendered approx 14915 Bags & 153290 Kgs  only on 6E, inspite there were multiple challenges due to heavy monsoon & water logging at SACT premises all our loads were accepted & planned in a well manner with zero impact by 6E cargo ops team.

It's a specialty of the 6E BOM Cargo Ops team with a minimum resources they always give maximum outputs ..Great Guys & Superb once again Thanks a lot .

Please convey my Thanks message to down the line 6E team members who support us directly & indirectly ,Especially Thanks to SACT -GHA  Rahul Roadways & to Mr.Oscar who always on floor & monitoring floor activities of SACT during the peak days ,all the Rahul Roadways team are giving their best & putting their extra efforts during peak days & during contingency time also.

Thanks a lot once again & as I mentioned above  looking forward to the same support with the same tempo in future also


Snehal Kadam

Regional Manager-West Air Ops 

Lt Col Jasdeep Singh 

Dear Niraj, 

I would like to thank you and your wonderful team of INDIGO for ensuring flawless execution of the task. 

 I would also like to put on record the positivity shown by Mr Satyendra, Mr Jitendra and Mr Varun Gosain and also the team at Bagdogra. 

 May I request you to please convey my thanks to them too and also acknowledge their sincerity and dedication towards their work in the best possible manner from the hierarchy of INDIGO AIRLINES.

 This only substantiates the fact that as a team and with positive attitude anything can be done.

 Gob Bless 

Sanju Janu

Certificate of appreciation

we would like to extend the highest appreciation, on behalf of gati 

to Jitendra Kumar and Arbeena for excellent support and going beyond the immediate duties to provide help in searching high value shipment

please accept our humble thanks and heartfelt appreciations.

Aditya Upadhyay

Hi Soma,

Greetings of the day,

After a long hard day, it is with my greatest pleasure that I have found my parcel.

I would like to sincerely thank you for the amount of effort and dedication you undertook to assist me in finding my missing parcel and it is my belief that if you had not taken up my case, I would not have received my parcel by today.

I hope you keep performing at such levels and keep scaling new heights.

Wish you all the best for your future.

Until next time in a more positive way.

Surekha K
We are so greatful to the team of Indigo Cargo division Chandigarh who helped us get through a crisis under the supervision of Mr. Sushil Pillai. We had a personal emergency and faced few challenges, while Mr. Pillai came to our rescue. He calmed us and explained the protocols and guided us on the whole process with utmost patience. This enabled us to have a seamless travel. He was very approachable and kind enough to receive our calls at odd hours. In this fast paced world when everyone is doing their jobs Mr. Sushil did it with great devotion. Indigo Cargo has now become a synonym with Mr. Sushil Pillai for us😊 Thank you once again Mr. Pillai and his team🙏
Mark E Bowen

Your extra effort to assist Mr.Mitra by conveying your colleague to arrange fast delivery and your assurance to call you back for any issue even in your absence there is indeed an example of your professional approach to your customer.

Your assistance and co-operation are highly appreciated.

Sunil Bhardwaj

Dear Vinci,

The peak season has been passed and we have experienced good support from 6E DELHI team although there were some instances where our team faced some

Challenges to tender the load but all together it was good service from 6E team.

Specially thanks to your CS team ( Mr.Gagan/Arbeena) who are supported thru out the peak season irrespective of their shift timing.

Dear Satish.Pls accept appreciation for 6E LKO team ( Mr.Simant & team) as well for the tremendous support given to Yuantai during these time.

Hope to see same support thru out the year.


I know Rakesh shah who work with u, his behaviour is so good for me and my team when ever we called him, he described anything which indigo service given for cargo. Thxto Indigo Cargo for you service





Dear Indigo,

I am Sarat from Patel engineering works located at visakhapatnam and we are regularly book cargo from vtz. While booking your staff Mr Chaitanya gave us good quality service which tends me write you. He is very loyal and hope this mail finds him well.




Dear sir,

I want to take this opportunity to appreciate my co - worker Govinda and Mrinal from cargo department who have taken the initiative to load the baggage as well with me and my agile team. As flight coming from bom - del  2518 with heavy cargo. And outbound DEL-Bom with baggage and cargo load of 4tons with less manpower their initiative helped me alot to achieve the door close for my flight. 

I want to thank Govinda and Mrinal for the same.

Qadri Hamza.

Dear sir, 

Good evening sir its a pleasure to work with you as ur staff name Mr Rahul Jalgaonkar  is very good person and in conversation  he own my respect . He handled me in a very polite and very good manner . Applause .


Qadri Hamza.